HVAC Design

HVAC Design

It is never easy to determine what the correct home heating system or commercial HVAC design is for your home. New Age Heating and Air Conditioning can make the process clear and painless for your design heating and air conditioning or Heat Installation Salem NH.

Forced Air Heat Systems

Are you interested in lowering your heating costs along with adding dependable heat? New Age Heat can replace your old oil or gas furnace with a modern efficient new system.

Budget considered, and your home’s requirements, there are a number of choices. Systems that are Energy Star Rated having levels of efficiency 97% and above, motors with variable speed that provide regular air-flow and programmable thermostats all get the most out of your new heating system.

Baseboard and Radiator Heat Homes

Either baseboard or radiator heat, New Age is educated in water heat. You can easily replace old radiators and baseboards with modern low profile models. Gain space in your home, available for both steam and hot water units. If your system is due to be retired, don’t hesitate to update to a high efficiency energy star rated boiler that can cut fuel costs up to 90%. This results in thousands of dollars of savings yearly.

Oil to Natural Gas Conversions

Natural Gas customers generally have much lower fuel costs than homes heated with oil. There is also better availability and highly increased efficiency with natural gas. The best way to research the availability is to consult with your local utility company. New Age Heat will assist you in the conversion process.

Central Air Conditioning for Residential Homes

Are you interested in adding central air conditioning to your home? If you currently have a forced hot air system, it is simple because the duct work needed is already present. New Age Heat installs the latest Carrier Central Air Conditioning Systems that are more quiet, more energy efficient and are guaranteed to keep you cool.

If the circumstance is that your home is older, without duct work, you are still eligible for central air conditioning with New Age Heat’s “Higher Velocity” highly efficient central air conditioning. This is all installed without losing any of your home’s design and integrity. You are not forever stuck with resorting to loud window units, you can have central air conditioning.

New Age Heating and Air Conditioning can insert (snake) tubes through the home’s constructional elements, resulting in very low remodeling. The total systems are hardly noticeable, with the air handler placed (installed) in a closet or attic. These systems actually remove 35% more humidity than a typical air conditioner, even creating high air circulation in your home.

New Age Heating and Air Conditioning has installed hundreds of Central Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Installation Salem NH you are in good hands for keeping cool.