13 Point $150 Air Conditioning System Safety Inspection

  • Calibrate and Level Thermostat
  • Monitor Volts and Amps on Fan Motor
  • Flush and Treat Condensation Drain w/ Anti-Algae
  • Inspect Condenser Coil
  • Monitor Operating Pressure of Refrigerant
  • Inspect Safety Devices for Proper Operation
  • Test and Inspect Contactors for Burning and Pitting
  • Inspect Fan Blade
  • Monitor Compressor for Proper Amps/Voltage and Wiring Connection
  • Test and Inspect Capacitors
  • Inspect Service Valves for Proper Operation
  • Clean Filters
  • Advice for Future Maintenance

Additional fees may apply if we find potential issues with your system.

11 Point $150 Gas Heating Systems Safety Inspection

  • Check and Test all Safety Limits
  • Check and Test all Controls and Test for CO Levels
  • Check Air filter
  • Check and Test all Flue and Vent Piping
  • Check Ignition for Proper Burning of Flame
  • Check Thermostat for Proper Calibration
  • Check Blow Motor and All Components
  • Check all Gas Components
  • Check and Clean Pilot Tubing and Burners
  • Heat Exchange Analysis
  • Advice for Future Maintenance

Central AC Installation in Salem NH

New Age Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in Central AC Installation in Salem NH.