• Specials

  • 13 Point $99 Air Conditioning System Safety Inspection

    Calibrate and Level Thermostat
    Monitor Volts and Amps on Fan Motor
    Flush and Treat Condensation Drain w/ Anti-Algae
    Inspect Condenser Coil
    Monitor Operating Pressure of Refrigerant
    Inspect Safety Devices for Proper Operation
    Test and Inspect Contactors for Burning and Pitting
    Inspect Fan Blade
    Monitor Compressor for Proper Amps/Voltage and Wiring Connection
    Test and Inspect Capacitors
    Inspect Service Valves for Proper Operation
    Clean Filters
    Advice for Future Maintenance

    Additional fees may apply if we find potential issues with your system.

  • 11 Point $99 Gas Heating Systems Safety Inspection

    Check and Test all Safety Limits
    Check and Test all Controls and Test for CO Levels
    Check Air filter
    Check and Test all Flue and Vent Piping
    Check Ignition for Proper Burning of Flame
    Check Thermostat for Proper Calibration
    Check Blow Motor and All Components
    Check all Gas Components
    Check and Clean Pilot Tubing and Burners
    Heat Exchange Analysis
    Advice for Future Maintenance

  • Central AC Installation in Salem NH

    New Age Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in Central AC Installation in Salem NH.